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A healthy brain needs fuel to survive. Without the proper fuel, your memory, concentration and reasoning can all be affected. You might not realize it, but many of the foods you eat could help change things around for you. To give your brain the fuel it needs, try adding the following foods into your everyday routine.

1. Spinach






Spinach is loaded with magnesium. It helps to boost your body’s natural blood flow into your brain by dilating your blood vessels. Many individuals use spinach in their salads, salsas, smoothies and so on. This helps hide the taste while providing you with the nutrients you need.

2. Walnuts



Grabbing a handful of walnuts every day can help to improve your memory by as much as 19 percent. Walnuts contain polyphenols that are believed to aid in communication between the neurons in your brain. If you don’t like plain walnuts, sprinkle them on a cup of plain yogurt for even more nutrients.

3. Olive Oil



Olive oil is loaded with essential fatty acids that help reduce inflammation. Instead of cooking with butter, opt for olive oil. It tastes just as delicious, but it is a lot healthier for you. You can use olive oil in place of traditional vegetable oil in all your recipes as well.
Many individuals enjoy drizzling it over their salad for a light and tasty dressing.

4. Fish

Fish is loaded with omega 3s and essential fatty acids.
Individuals with lower levels of these essential nutrients end up having smaller brains when compared to those who take in ample amounts of fish and omega 3s on a regular basis. Choose from salmon, cod, tuna, albacore or any other type of fish you like. Baked or grilled is often ideal to help minimize  fat and provide you with a delicious, nutritious meal.

5. Flaxseed



Even though flaxseeds are extremely tiny, they boast a lot of fibre and protein. Add them to a cup of plain yogurt, mix them with your oatmeal or cereal, blend them into a smoothie and much more. Whatever way you choose, these little seeds can give your brain the much-needed boost it craves.

6. Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is packed with calcium. If your body doesn’t have adequate amounts of calcium, you can end up feeling anxious and irritable. Your body can’t think as clearly or quickly as it normally would when it doesn’t have enough calcium. Try eating a cup of yogurt for breakfast with some delicious oatmeal both topped with flaxseed for double benefits.

7. Dark Chocolate



A couple ounces of dark chocolate can help improve your concentration and blood flow. You don’t want to overdo it by eating a big bar of the dark chocolate. You simply need enough to tantalize your taste buds. Instead of using regular chocolate in your cooking recipes, swap it out for dark chocolate.

You can also melt some dark chocolate down and drizzle it over strawberries, raspberries or any other fruit of your choosing.

By adding in the above foods into your diet, you are sure to notice a change in the way your body feels and acts. Before you know it, you will notice the brain fog clearing up and your ability to think clearly and quickly improving. Your brain needs the proper fuel to thrive. Adding the right nutrients can go a long way in how you feel and think.

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