L’Olivia Creations was founded in 2013 and was officially registered in 2018. L’OLIVIATM is a Nigerian beauty brand that focuses on natural hair care, skin care, and general beauty consultancy.

We are in a journey of wellness – offering the highest standard of naturally derived ingredients, bringing nature from the ground to you. We have naturally sourced ingredients, which are handpicked and handmade. We are simple, pure, and original.

At L’OLIVIATM, we produce natural and organic hair care and skin care products from fruits, herbs, and essential oils that seamlessly soothes and blends with various hair and skin types. We are consciously developing our products to become robust solutions to the hair and skin care needs of our customers.

We invite you to explore our unique expertise of nature’s inspiration as you experience the value in our products.

Our Vision

To be the leading beauty brand in our company segment with long-term success built on providing exceptional natural beauty products and services to our customers.

Our Mission

To create a platform for people to explore and express their individual style by providing top quality natural hair care, skin care, and beauty products and services.